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The best thing you can do to prevent getting colds, the flu and even chronic illness like cancer is to make smart lifestyle choices. By making some common-sense modifications you can ensure your body operates at peak performance during the cold and flu season.

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Every day we are exposed to all kinds of stressor - from heavy traffic, to a difficult boss, to the pressure of providing for our family's needs. If we're not careful, our response to these situations may lead to serious illnesses. 

In this DVD, we’ll show you how to strengthen your immune system for lifelong benefits. Learn how to:
Get better sleep
If you don't get enough sleep, you're far more likely to get infected a virus or bacteria than someone who gets adequate shut-eye. Your body needs lots of deep, restorative sleep to repair and strengthen itself so it's better able to battle disease-causing microbes. There are many common-sense tips to increase the amount and the quality of your sleep. 

In this section you'll learn:

1. How what you eat and drink can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep

2. What common habits interfere with a good night's sleep

3. The sleep problem affecting millions of people who don't even know it
Eat a healthy diet
You may not realize you're eating foods that actually encourage disease-causing viruses and bacteria to take hold of your body. On the other hand, consuming healthy foods help your body kill harmful invaders like the common cold. The health of your GI tract also determines how well your immune system functions. 

In this section you'll learn which foods:

1. Make it easier for us to get sick

2. Protect us against colds and flu

3. Ensure our immune cells in our GI tract work properly
Find the right exercise
Moving your body triggers a cascade of events that activate disease-fighting antibodies. There are lots of exercise options to suit your fitness level, even if you struggle with joint pain or obesity. The good news is you don't have to exercise very hard. There are many ways to incorporate movement into your work day, even if you have a desk job! 

In this section you'll find out:

1. How a sedentary lifestyle makes you more susceptible to illness

2. What types of exercise and how much of it strengthen your immune system

3. How to mix physical activity into your work day
Reduce stress
Our emotional health is closely tied to our physical health. When you are stressed-out, your immune system is significantly weakened, and less likely to protect you from intruding pathogens. You may be surprised to know what types of feelings are most stressful. Stress depletes your body's resources. Therefore, your immune system can't function properly. 

In this section you'll learn:

1. Why stress opens the door to illness

2. What types of emotions cause stress

3. How to effectively deal with stress in your life
Take the right supplements
If you're like most people, the idea of buying vitamins is overwhelming. There are so many kinds of vitamins it's difficult to know which ones are right for you and your family. It also can be confusing trying to choose which brand you can trust. This section will help you understand which vitamins are most beneficial to strengthening your immune system. 

You'll learn:

1. Why diet and lifestyle don't provide the necessary nutrients

2. Which supplements help prevent colds and flu

3. How to choose the right brand
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